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Total Sweet Xylitol

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Xylitol, also called 'wood' or 'birch sugar', has been known about and used as a sugar alternative for many years. Xylitol is used around the world, by millions of people, as an alternative to sugar and is a naturally occurring sweet tasting substance that looks and tastes just like sugar.

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    Considered as the perfect alternative to regular sugar, Xylitol has many advantages over other sweeteners. Not only is it low on calories and fat, but it also has negligible impact on blood glucose levels. This wonderful powdered sweetener is a great addition to your diet, and you can use it in all kind of recipes.

    Toss some in your morning oatmeal or cup of tea for a deliciously satisfying treat. Or try sprinkling some on your favorite breakfast cereal for an extra boost of sweetness. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that there will be no artificial sweetening flavor here!


    Total Sweet Xylitol makes it easy to cut down on sugar, whether you want to lose weight or cut down on your sugar intake, Total Sweet Xylitol can help.

    Swapping your sugar for Xylitol lets you enjoy an indulgent cake, sprinkle of sweetness on your cereal, or cup of tea just how you like it with fewer calories and carbs.


    100% Pure Natural Xylitol

    Total Sweet Xylitol
    Total Sweet Xylitol
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