Our Story

Like all parents, the birth of my children engendered a fundamental need to protect them from harm. This inspired me to tirelessly study natural solutions as an alternative to the popular, but chemical-ridden, products on the market. I love what I do and have seen the natural health and beauty market evolve over the years. I started twenty seven years ago and have not stopped since!

 After beginning my research in 1993, I found that natural products and alternative medicines were both uncommon and inaccessible. I have always had an innate passion to help, support and build my community; this passion informed a deeper need to disseminate everything I was learning to them, as I saw how life-changing natural remedies were. I cultivated strong relationships with the most trustworthy of suppliers and was able to bring the best products to my community. With the love, support and trust these past two decades, I have successfully grown my small, independent, family-run business. 

We are driven by our philosophy of educating, guiding and encouraging people to love and nurture their bodies and health using natural means. Being able to help so many people over the years, and hearing their success stories, has encouraged us to expand and take this further. We have curated the best products available in one convenient location so all our customers can benefit from healthy living! The best of everything your body needs, from vitamins to shampoos, can be found here. All of our products are free of parabens, SLS and are ethically sourced.

Our Values

  • Quality-Focused

    Every product uses the best ingredients, from whole food based vitamins to perfume-free cosmetics. Rest assured, you're getting the highest quality product - no tricks and no false claims.

  • Empowerment

    Putting control of your health back into your hands through education and accessibility. We understand the importance of being informed and strive to make natural health accessible for all.

  • No Compromise

    No matter how popular or profitable a product is, it wont make it on our shelves if it doesn't meet our strict criteria. If its not good enough for us, its not good enough for you.