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Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver 20ppm 450ml

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    COLLOIDAL SILVER is a suspension of fine particles of Silver in water that are electro-statically charged. Whilst gravity wants them to fall down the magnetic field of the Earth can hold them up due their incredibly small size and weight.

    It is a medically proven Broad Spectrum OLIGACIDE that can destroy a wide range of AEROBIC BACTERIA, VIRUSES & FUNGI. This has been reported in many published clinical trials from all over the world, from many respected institutions and authoritative medical journals.

    The electrostatically charged Silver particles are reported to prevent the respiratory function of single cell infective pathogens which leads to their destruction and so can help resolve the symptoms associated with the infections they are attributed with causing.

    You can use Colloidal Silver when you, your family or friends are suffering from an illness CAUSED by an infective pathogenic agent, a “bug”. This can range from an everyday cold, athletes foot and bad breath to MRSA, Clostridium Difficile and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (Gangrene) infections.


    As well as for personal health internally and externally, COLLOIDAL SILVER can be used to:

    Spray onto work surfaces, especially wooden chopping boards.

    Spray onto or indeed, add to plant food in the house or garden.

    Drop into milk and other dairy products as a preservative to lengthen their life.

    Spray on to feet to help with athlete’s foot.

    As an underarm deodorant!


    100% distilled deionised water and silver colloid (99.999% pure) at 20PPM

    Suitable for

    Anybody who is suffering from the symptoms of an infective illness from adults to children and including pets and plants!

    REMEMBER, dosage should be adjusted for the weight of the child or pet if taken orally.

    (NB Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver suggested oral treatment dose for systemic infections is 20ml Twice daily.)

    Forgotten Remedies Colloidal Silver 20ppm 450ml
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