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Biosun Traditional Ear Candles

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Indulge in the tradition of ear candling with Biosun Traditional Ear Candles. Let the gentle flicker of fire soothe and relax you, as therapists have been using these candles for centuries. Experience the physical benefits of this ancient practice and feel the therapeutic power.

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    Biosun Traditional Ear Candles offer a holistic approach to ear health and relaxation, using natural ingredients to provide a soothing and cleansing experience. These ear candles are crafted with pure bee's wax, honey extract, pure essential oils, and premium organic linen, ensuring a high-quality and safe product for users. Here are the key benefits of Biosun Traditional Ear Candles:

    Key Ingredients and Their Benefits

    1. Pure Bee's Wax

    Natural and Safe: Bee's wax is a natural substance that burns cleanly and safely, making it ideal for ear candles.
    Hypoallergenic: It is gentle on the skin and less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to synthetic materials.
    Soothing Scent: The natural scent of bee's wax adds to the relaxing experience during ear candling.

    2. Honey Extract

    Antibacterial Properties: Honey extract has natural antibacterial properties that can help maintain ear hygiene.
    Moisturizing: It helps keep the ear canal moisturized, preventing dryness and irritation.
    Soothing Effect: Honey extract provides a calming effect, enhancing the relaxation benefits of ear candling.

    3. Pure Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy Benefits: The essential oils used in the candles offer aromatherapy benefits, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.
    Anti-inflammatory: Certain essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe the ear canal.
    Antimicrobial: Essential oils can also have antimicrobial effects, contributing to ear health.

    4. Premium Organic Linen

    Natural Material: Organic linen is a natural, biodegradable material that is safe for use in ear candles.
    Durable and Safe: It ensures the candle burns evenly and safely without harmful residues.
    Hypoallergenic: Like bee's wax, organic linen is gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive individuals.

    Specific Benefits of Biosun Traditional Ear Candles

    1. Ear Cleansing

    Wax Removal: Ear candling is believed to help draw out excess earwax, reducing blockages and improving ear hygiene.
    Debris Removal: The gentle heat and suction may also help remove other debris from the ear canal.

    2. Promotes Relaxation

    Stress Reduction: The soothing warmth and calming effects of the essential oils promote relaxation and help reduce stress.
    Aromatherapy: The pleasant scents from the essential oils enhance the overall relaxation experience, providing aromatherapy benefits.

    3. Improves Ear Health

    Anti-inflammatory Effects: The combination of honey extract and essential oils can help reduce inflammation in the ear canal, providing relief from minor irritations.
    Antimicrobial Benefits: The natural antimicrobial properties of honey and essential oils help maintain ear hygiene and prevent infections.

    4. Enhanced Circulation

    Gentle Heat: The warmth generated by the burning candle can help improve blood circulation in the ear area, promoting overall ear health.
    Relaxing Sensation: The gentle heat also provides a relaxing sensation, enhancing the overall experience.

    5. Natural and Safe Ingredients

    Chemical-Free: The use of pure bee's wax, honey extract, essential oils, and organic linen ensures that the candles are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials.
    Environmentally Friendly: The natural ingredients make these candles environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

    Usage Recommendations

    Safe Application:

    Follow Instructions: Always follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use.
    Assistance Recommended: It is advisable to have someone assist with the ear candling process to ensure proper application and safety.
    Protective Measures: Use protective measures, such as a flame guard, to prevent burns and ensure a controlled burn.


    Moderation: Use ear candles in moderation, as excessive use may lead to irritation or other issues.
    Regular Maintenance: Incorporate ear candling as part of a regular ear hygiene routine, but not as a sole method of ear care.


    1. Preparation: Create a relaxed atmosphere before you start. You will experience earcandling much more intensely if you keep your eyes closed. The room should be draught free, so the flame will burn smoothly. Keep yourself warm with a blanket. Lie down on one side in a comfortable position. Support your head slightly with a pillow so that the auditory canal is in a vertical position. Draught in the room while the Ear Candles is alight can result in small, cold ash particles blowing off the Ear Candle. In order to protect your hair and clothing, your partner can place a cover around the treatment area.

    2. Lighting: When preparations are complete, your partner sits comfortably next to you or behind you. They should light the Ear Candle at the unlabelled end and place the non-burning end gently into the outer ear passage. A slightly rotating movement should be applied until the Ear Candle is sealed in place. NOTE: Directly after lighting the Ear Candle, white vapour may escape from the non-burning end (security filter). This is part of the treatment. By this the warmth is transported into the ear passage. Simply close the opening with your thumb for a moment before placing the Ear Candle on the ear with gentle pressure and a slight rotating movement. The Ear Candle is placed properly when there is no white vapour escaping from the side and you hear the pleasant crackling and hissing of the flame.
    Your partner will hold the Ear Candle firmly in place throughout the process. They will take care that no hair is within reach of the flame.

    3. Burning down: The Ear Candle has to be lit at the unlabelled end, opposite the security filter. It will never put itself out! At the most, the Ear Candle may be burnt down to 1cm above the security line (maximum burn) marking. Carefully remove the remainder of the Ear Candle and extinguish it in the glass of water ready nearby.

    4. Treat both ears: It is generally advisable to treat both ears one after the other, each with a new Ear Candle. Any condensation material that remains attached to the fine ear hairs should be removed.

    5. Subsequent rest: A subsequent rest of about 15-30 minutes will positively support the overall result. Enjoy soft wellbeing music and/or the smell of essential oils during this phase as well.


    Pure Bee's Wax, Honey Extract, Pure Essential Oils, Premium Organic Linen

    Biosun Traditional Ear Candles
    Biosun Traditional Ear Candles
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