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Activa Well Being Man 30's

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An all-round natural solution for urinary well-being, comfort and prostate function. Once men enter their 50's, many have difficulty with bladder control or urgency/frequency both day and night. These irritating symptoms are caused by an ageing prostate gland

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    This all-natural formula includes botanicals and ingredients that work together to help restore urinary health and balance.

    By supporting prostate function, this formula helps relieve symptoms of bladder control problems like urinary urgency, frequency, and leaking.

    This formulation also helps reduce the risk of incontinence by strengthening muscle tone in the pelvic floor.

    With natural ingredients, including the by-products of yogurt fermentation, Activa Well Being is designed to provide all-round urinary health support for men.

    Specially formulated for the needs of men over 50 years old, it helps to maintain prostate function and supports bladder control.

    Plus, its formulation is gentle on the kidneys and bladder so you can sleep peacefully without any discomfort.

    30 capsules


    One capsule a day between meals with a large glass of water.


    Squash (Seed) 4:1, Couch grass (Rhizome) 4:1, Cranberry (Fruit) 5:1, Ginger (Rhizome) 4:1, xylitol, vegetal gelatine capsule

    Suitable for

    Not suitable for children

    Activa Well Being Man 30&
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