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A Vogel (BioForce) Centaurium Centaury Drops 50ml

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A Vogel BioForce Centaurium Centaury Drops are an all-natural herbal tincture made from fresh centaurium, also known as centaury. The herb is an effective stomach bitter that can help with digestion and support the digestive system. Each 50ml bottle contains a concentrated extract of the plant to ensure potency.

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    A Vogel (BioForce) Centaurium Centaury Drops 50ml:

    Centaurium erythraea, commonly known as Centaury or European Centaury, is a plant known for its medicinal properties rather than its nutritional content. It's traditionally used in herbal medicine, primarily for its benefits related to digestion and liver function. Here are some of the key benefits and components of Centaurium erythraea:

    Bitter Compounds:
    Centaury is known for its bitter compounds, which
    can stimulate the appetite and aid in digestion. These compounds can increase the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes, aiding in the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients.

    Antioxidant Properties:
    This plant contains antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and preventing oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic diseases.

    Anti-inflammatory Effects:
    Centaurium erythraea has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial in reducing inflammation in various conditions, such as digestive disorders.

    Supports Liver Health:
    It is believed to have hepatoprotective effects, meaning it can help protect the liver from damage and support liver function. This is particularly beneficial for detoxification processes.

    Gastrointestinal Benefits:
    Centaury is traditionally used to treat dyspepsia (indigestion), heartburn, and as a remedy for gastrointestinal disturbances such as bloating and flatulence.

    Glycosides and Alkaloids:
    The presence of certain glycosides and alkaloids in Centaurium erythraea contributes to its medicinal properties, including its ability to aid in digestion and potentially support the management of gastrointestinal ailments.

    Potential Antimicrobial Effects:
    Some studies suggest that it may have antimicrobial properties, although this area requires more research for conclusive evidence.

    Potential Benefits:
    Digestive Support: Bitter herbs like Centaurium are traditionally used to stimulate the digestive system, promoting the production of digestive juices and enzymes.
    Appetite Stimulation: Centaury is sometimes used to stimulate the appetite in cases of loss of appetite or mild indigestion.
    Gentle Tonic: It is considered a gentle tonic for the digestive organs, potentially supporting overall digestive health.

    Tincture Form:
    The term "Drops" suggests that the product is in tincture form, which is a liquid herbal extract using alcohol or another solvent to extract and preserve the active constituents of the herb.
    Tinctures are known for their potency and easy absorption. They can be taken orally, usually diluted in a small amount of water.


    Adults: 10-15 drops three times daily before meals, in a little water.
    Children (2-12 years): one drop per year of age twice daily in a little water.


    Tincture of organically grown fresh aerial parts of Centaurium umbellatum (centaury), extracted in alcohol (66% v/v)

    A Vogel (BioForce) Centaurium Centaury Drops 50ml
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