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Disclaimer: This link can only be used to book a consultation if another family member has booked previously or is being booked consecutively after this one. One appointment booked is for one person only - we cannot see multiple people at once.

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    We open our (virtual) doors for you to tell us everything about yourself - taking into account your complete health history, we dive into what makes you who you are. We want to know everything there is to know! Your personality, likes and dislikes, and the symptoms you're experiencing and how they're affecting you.

    At Entirely Pure, we believe humanity and healing go hand in hand. We guarantee complete confidentiality and promise that we aren't just poking around in your business for the sake of being nosy! With all of this valuable information, we spend a significant amount of time analysing who you are in order to prescribe you remedies that are as close to your individual constitution as possible This helps speak to your body, in its very own language and kick starts your body’s healing process.

    There are no toxic side effects, so it is safe for everyone, no matter who they are!

    Cost includes remedies and P&P

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